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We have been providing superior customer service and certified auto appraisals since 1985. Kevin Lutz strives to give you prompt turnaround and reliable, accurate results. We specialize in collectibles, but offer services for all kinds of vehicles, such as cars, RVs, and trucks. Get affordable on-site appraisals throughout the entire state of Michigan.


We have a number of qualifications to assure you that you'll get quality service with us. We are recognized within the classic car industry and are an Advisory Board Member of the N.A.D.A. We are also knowledgeable on Corvettes or muscle cars, and are thorough, professional, and have an eye for the small details. We've also been approved by Southeastern Michigan Federal Bankruptcy court as an appraiser.

About our team

We are proud members of the Technical Advisory Service for Attorneys, National Auto Dealers Association Advisory Board, and a candidate member of the American Society of Appraisers.

 •  Boston University

 •  Business management and


 •  Personal property classes from

    American Society of Appraisers

Our education we have attained

Get an experienced team that has been providing services since 1985. As well as a consultant and appraiser of cars and motorcycles. We have been responsible for appraising a large variety of classic cars and consulting customers on a large amount of purchases for cars and parts. Lastly, we have settled claims for major insurance companies. We have even appraised vehicles for a number of reputable people. We appraised a collection of rare Chrysler muscle and lightweight cars. We've also appraised vehicles for the Alfred P. Sloan Museum, as well as rare English cars.

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